Katelios is a small fishing village on the southeast of the island. Two decades ago, in the village there were only fishermen who had their cottages and huts there. Gradually it became much more popular for its local 'tavernas' with the delicious seafood. Since then, despite the tourist development, Katelios remains a quiet and peaceful destination, ideal for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation.
The village is situated in a flat large plain with fertile soil watered by the streams of the nearby mountains. The terrain is ideal for walking till the neighbouring villages of Hionata, Mavrata, Markopoulo and Ratzakli. The rural landscape and the beauty of the nature attracts walkers, bird watchers and all sorts of nature lovers from all over the world. From Katelios you can enjoy stunning views of the Ionian Sea until the island of Zakynthos and the western coast of the Peloponnese.

Here you could spend your evenings either in a local bar for a few drinks after having dinner in one of the 'tavernas' or on the beach under the starry sky. For those of you who are seeking the relaxation and peaceful surroundings of Katelios, but would also like to spice up your holidays by dancing the night away, the lively Skala is waiting for you to visit.

The main beach of Katelios is called Agia Varvara and it’s a long beach covered with both sand and pebbles. Τhe sea is crystal clear as everywhere else in Kefalonia. As there are no sun loungers, for environmental reasons, we suggest that you take an umbrella and all the necessary supplies with you, so you can enjoy this beautiful and quite beach.

The famous turtle beach near Ratzikli is just 2 km away from Katelios and you could reach it on foot as well. The locals have founded an NGO called “The Katelios Group” for the protection of the loggerhead turtles that lay their eggs on these beaches, which organizes events for the environmental awareness.

If you are interested in the history of the place, you could visit the ruins of the old church in Ano Katelios, which is what is left after the earthquake in 1953, and the Roman ruins behind Agia Varvara. In nearby Mavrata there is a Mycenaean tomb and there is also evidence that Mounda bay used to be a port during the Venetian and Roman period.


Katelios, Kefalonia, Greece